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Luke 4:16-24 - Puppet Show

Characters: John, Mary, Child, Jesus, Synagogue Assistant, Synagogue Congregants

Pratfall filled pre-scene of boy carrying a stack of boxes or something through a marketplace bumping into people nearly dropping the stack of boxes which should ridiculously lean and tilt and recover impossibly from side to side (the boxes themselves will be puppets, this will take at least two people)

John sits at a desk writing. Mary works nearby. Child enters carrying boxes which he sets down by Mary before wandering over to John.

Child: Hello Mother Mary, here's packages

Mar: Thank  you child!

Child: You're welcome... Hello Fr. John!

John: Good morning Theophilos!

Child: What are you writing?

John: I'm thinking about our blessed Lord Jesus Christ.

Child: Oh, can I hear some?

John: Of course, well, I have just written, "In the beginning was the Word"

Child: What's the word?

John: The Logos.

Child: What's a Logos?

John: That which is. The one in whom all being rests and through whom all was made. The great I AM.

Child: And that's Jesus?

John: Just so!

Child: Did he say?

John: Indeed!

Mary: I remember at the beginning of Jesus travels. Just after he was baptized he traveled around Galilea teaching. When came home to Nazareth we went to church and he read a prophesy from Isaiah...

[curtain closes]

[curtain opens]

Jesus stands surrounded by small crowd.

Jesus (speaking to the attendant): The book of Isaiah.

The attendant selects a scroll and hands it to Jesus.

Jesus (reading from book): “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me,

Because He has anointed Me

To preach the gospel to the poor;

He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,

To proclaim liberty to the captives

And recovery of sight to the blind,

To set at liberty those who are oppressed;”

Jesus closes the scroll and hands it back to the attendant.

Jesus: Today you see before you what was written about.

Crowd Member 1: Isn't this Joseph's son?

Crowd Member 2: What is he saying?

Crowd Member 3: How can this be?

[Curtain Closes]

[Curtain Opens]

Mary, John, and child once more are shown.

Mary: Yes, he caused quite a stir with that one! Always did. He changed everything.

Child: What did he mean?

John: He was proclaiming himself the long awaited Messiah! The chosen one of God!

Child: But he was God, wasn't he?

John: Yes. But the people didn't understand and were slow to accept it. But he showed many signs. Many many signs of his great and boundless love for us.

Child: And you saw it all?

Mary: We saw a lot of it.

John: And are always filled with joy to tell those we know about it.

Child: Ok, thanks Father John! I've got to go back to help my dad in his shop now. Bye Mother Mary!

Mary: Goodbye child.

[curtain closes]